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Strange but true: Nyanga man madly in love with cheating wife


Strange but true: Nyanga man madly in love with cheating wife. Martin Kanyanani of Muzika Village under Chief Saunyama, just like the Biblical Hosea’s undying love for his unfaithful wife Gomer, continues to love his wife Chipo.

While most men are wont to send a cheating wife packing, a Nyanga manhas expressed his undying love for his wife even though she cheated on him with his best friend, a herdsman.

Kanyanani says his close friend Thomas Nhipura has been bedding his wife for the past year even when she was pregnant with the couple’s only child.

He said he trusted Nhipura so much and would allow his wife, Chipo Kanyanani, to hang out with him. The matter recently came to light at Chief Saunyama’s court as Kanyanani was demanding compensation from Nhipura for bedding his wife. Nhipura defaulted the court hearing.

During the court hearing, Kanyanani professed his undying love for Chipo. He said: Although she cheated on me, I still love my wife. I do not intend to surrender her to Nhipura or her parents.

My love for her never changed after I heard about the affair. She even confessed to me. I just felt betrayed, but I still need her as my wife.

I cannot make silly decisions based on her single mistake. He lured and seduced her. Kanyanani claimed that he was the last one in Muzika Village to know of Nhipura and Chipo’s affair.

The heartbroken man also told the court that he wants Nhipura to ask for forgiveness and pay for his sins. Speaking before the court, Chipo confirmed that she cheated on her husband with the herd boy. She said:

I cheated with Nhipura but I do not know how it happened. Rumours went around until word landed in my husband’s ears.

He confronted me and I confessed to him. He then went to Nhipura and he also confessed. I was wrong and fortunately, my husband understands. Chief Saunyama adjourned the matter to a later date to allow Nhipura to attend the court hearing.


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