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Chinhoyi female student in viral s.e.xtape identified


Chinhoyi female student in viral s.e.xtape identified. So yesterday some s.e.xual pictures went viral on social media after. In case you missed the story below are details of the whole scandal. And what for you its a bonus since we have actually identified the girl in the pictures.

Maybe it was because of the lockdown which had many schools and varsities shut down. However, the lockdown has been relaxed since 3 months ago and many activities have been given green light including the reopening of varsities.

So as they have returned to school this kind of activities are bound to happen and it is CUT Chinhoyi University of Technology that has opened the door for others this time as s.e.xual pics of students having a nice time have been leaked.

The two are seen in a car and n@ked as they were enjoying themselves. In a picture, the girl is seen giving a BL0W J0B to her partner. It has started again, the students have resumed their activities. We know that students do these sort of things and it had been a while since such an incident had happened.

So what we have leant now is that the girl is not a CUT student, in fact she is a high school student at Chegamba High School in Chinhoyi


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