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Police Speaks On Why Passion Java Was Not Arrested Following Covid- 19 “Superspreader” Events


Following a recent video footage of Prophet Passion Java where he and a number of people were seen disregarding social distancing and not wearing facemasks in Gweru, Kadoma and Bulawayo, the police has responded to critics who had raised a red flag accusing the man of cloth of breaching Covid-19 regulations.

H-Metro reports that police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said no report against the prophet was lodged during his travel in Kadoma and Gweru.

“Police have not received any report against Prophet Passion in connection with his journey to Kadoma and Gweru where a number of people jostled at his vehicle in a video circulating on social media.

However, we are urging public figures like him to observe Covid-19 regulations that includes proper wearing of facemasks, observing social distancing, hand sanitising and avoid gatherings.

Covid-19 is real and continuing to take lives and government is still to lift national lockdown measures set to curb the continued spread of the pandemic,” he said.

Passion Java had come under fire for his antics following his processions across major cities on Saturday.

Critics have raised the alarm that Java is hosting Covid-19 “superspreader” events at a time when some health experts are warning of an impending third wave of the pandemic.

At the events which were held in Chegutu, Kadoma, Kwekwe, Gweru and Bulawayo, the flamboyant prophet was surrounded by multitudes of fans eager to catch a glimpse or to get a selfie with him.

Unfortunately, at most of these events, there were no attempts at social distancing and the vast majority of people were not wearing any masks.


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