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Tocky Vibes And ExQ Ready To Settle Copyright Dispute


The copyright dispute between Tocky Vibes and EXQ over the hit song ‘Wakatemba’ emanating from the latter’s alleged reneging on a gentlemen’s agreement will be resolved amicably, Harare Live has established.

Wakatemba, which had accumulated millions of views on YouTube, was pulled down from the streaming platform last week after Tocky Vibes’ camp filed a copyright claim.

Sources say the dispute comes after ExQ allegedly failed to honour up the agreement made by the two musicians that the two would collaborate on two songs, the first which was ‘Wakatemba which was credited to ExQ and then after that they would work on another song which was to be credited to Tocky Vibes.

When it was time for ExQ to keep his end of the deal, he did not show up and after multiple failed attempts to convince him and his camp to honour up to the agreement, Tocky’s camp decided to hit them hard with a copyright claim.

Both the official audio and video of the song have been taken down and do not turn up in search results on YouTube. The song is however still available on Spotify and is credited to ExQ.

Efforts to get a comment from both camps were fruitless as Tocky Vibes management number rang continuously with no response whilst ExQ’s phone went straight to voicemail.

But a source who spoke to Nehanda Radio confirmed that EXQ and Tocky were on the verge of fulfilling the original agreement which would see the copyright claim being revoked. EXQ claims to have been busy with a building project and had committed to other projects. Nehanda Radio


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