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Ndiwe Wakauraya: Owl At Funeral Causes Chaos


THERE was chaos at a funeral in Chitungwiza when an alleged owl was spotted prompting people to accuse a woman, who was a rival resident at the house, of witchcraft

Residents became violent and destroyed a fowl run in search of an owl believed to have been used in bewitching the deceased, Shylet Muzuva in an estate dispute.

People chanted songs that denigrated Tsitsi Murwira accusing her of having a hand in Muzuva’s death with a view to remain as the owner of the house, an issue Murwira was quick to dismiss although acknowledging beef between her and Muzuva, H Metro reports.

The house belongs to the late Chihuri and the estate is yet to be distributed.

Some hooligans destroyed Murwira’s chicken run claiming that they were looking for the hidden owl which none of the mourners witnessed to have seen.


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