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Hell Commander & Njuzu Relationship On The Rocks Over Juju Claims


Hell Commander, real name Trevor Mbizvo’s source of wealth has once again come under spotlight after damning accusations were made by his girlfriend Njuzu that the millionaire uses juju to make money.

Such claims got social media into overdrive as his controversial girlfriend, while “under the influence”, splurged a little bit more than she bargained for.

Hell Commander has, albeit the damage already done, tried to deny these allegations in a Live Instagram video and seems to mock her in a way that shows that the two’s relationship is heading for the rocks.

He appeared in the video with Chillspot records producer Levels saying he is far from using juju.

Watch below;


After all the ruckus, Njuzu went on to apologize saying she was drunk when she spewed the otherwise, damaging claims.

This comes barely a month after, the Hell Commander made a stunning claim about his source of wealth during a question and answer session on Instagram. Responding to the question, he openly admitted that he “sold his soul to the devil”.

Resonating with his name, Hell Commander, one would be forgiven for believing that indeed, the man is an agent of the devil.

Ever since he was involved in the fiery horror car crash incident which claimed the life of one of his friends, social media critics have accused him of being involved in occultism, basing on the fact his late friend Ginimbi was involved in a similar accident. Some argue that this is a typical ending to one’s life if they accumulate wealth using juju.


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