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Two Mukuru Employees Break Safe, Steal US$100k


TWO employees of Send Money Home trading as Mukuru.Com appeared in court facing allegations of stealing US$100 000 from their employer.

It is alleged that the money was reserved for a bus company, Inter Africa.

Branch manager Alexander Zengeni, 30, and Raphael Ruduvo, 34, his assistant at the Sam Nujoma branch in central Harare appeared before Harare Magistrate Dennis Mangosi facing theft of trust property charges.

Zengeni and Ruduvo were not asked to plead and will be back in court on Thursday for their bail ruling.

According to court papers, on February 23 this year, the two allegedly received US$100 000 from Fawcett Security Company guards for safekeeping on behalf of Inter Africa.

It is alleged that the trunk carrying the money was secured with two security seals, which the two accused persons acknowledged by signing relevant documents before securing the trunk in a vault.

Zengeni and Ruduvo were the only employees with access to the vault.

However, Ruduvo was in April transferred to Send Money Home headquarters at Tendeseka office in Eastlea, Harare and before his transfer, Ruduvo allegedly handed all the valuables in the vault excluding the trunk in question to one Fiona Musandirire who had been promoted to replace him at the Sam Nujoma branch.

Musandirire is said to have noted that the trunk’s seals had been tampered with and broken. She brought this to Zengeni and Ruduvo’s attention, but was told not to worry about the trunk and its contents.

On May 3, Fawcett Security guards were sent to collect the trunk from Send Money Home after Zengeni had been advised by one Anthony from Inter Africa.

Zengeni then instructed Musandirire to process the transaction and surprisingly Ruduvo who had already transferred to head office emerged behind the security guards and offered to assist.

Ruduvo then purportedly removed the broken seals and caused the Fawcett Security guards to replace the seals without even checking if the money was there or bringing the matter to his employer’s attention.

It is alleged that the trunk was collected and sent to the client who discovered the cash was missing.

CCTV footage showed Zengeni and Ruduvo stashing the money inside their pockets and the two were also seen breaking the trunk seals which led to their arrest.


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