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VIDEO: 4 die, 5 rushed to hospital as angry residents chase police away and set thieves on fire


NOT since the dark days of apartheid had such monstrous brutality been witnessed in ekasi.

Tormented, irrational residents of Zandspruit, west of Joburg, searched for brazen gangsters that had allegedly broken into shacks.

“The whistle was blown and two were caught,” said a witness, describing the events of the night of Tuesday, 18 May.

“They were beaten until they revealed where the other members stay. By 11pm nine gang members had been caught.”

They were dragged to a soccer field, beaten with weapons and stones and set on fire.

By the time residents were done four alleged thugs were dead and five were taken to hospital.

Most residents were pleased.

“They rap_e, mug and threaten everyone’s peace and safety,” said a resident.

But grieving mum Patricia Seapi, who believes her son Abel (24) wasn’t a tsotsi, said God would fight on her behalf.

“He was a good son. He showed no sign of criminal behaviour. I find it hard to believe he’d inflict pain on anyone.”

Patricia said if they had a problem with him, they should have come to her.

“I’d have dealt with him or even paid for whatever it is they claim he stole. It’s not nice to have your child slaughtered like an animal.”

Patricia pleaded with police to arrest whoever was involved.

Ward councillor Victor Masenya said the area is a thugs’ playground.

“People lock themselves inside their shacks, fearing they might be next,” said Masenya. But he condemned any form of mob justice.

“It will only make the situation worse,” he said.

Neighbours said they felt for the mothers, but their children were “terrorists”.

One resident said she looked through the window and saw her half-dressed neighbour being dragged down the street, and she followed the mob.

“Nine guys were tied up and beaten. Cops tried to intervene. The mob chased them away. They parked near a rank and watched helplessly,” she said.

Captain Kay Makhubele confirmed the horrible incident.

“Four died on the scene and five were rushed to hospital.”

Cops were searching for the killers


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