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JUST IN: Bulawayo Iyasa dancer turns to po_n


The Cowdray Park bred dancer-cum-musician, who is also the Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards 2019 Outstanding Female Dancer, is trending after her sexual seductive naked pictures leaked on social media today.

Stripchat is an internationally acclaimed adult website and social network which features free live-streaming webcam performances with participants nude doing sexual activities online.

The participants often get paid through the number of streams, views and tips from those watching from the “terraces.”

She now goes by the porn moniker “Sexylinda” on porn site Stripchat.com.

Letty who moved to South Africa early this year to pursue her solo music career, told B-Metro showbiz that it was not her intention for her “little secret” to be of public knowledge.

She claimed that a close person in her life is trying to destroy her future as she is almost about to make it in the Mzansi’s music industry.

“People are trying to destroy me with this, honestly, it was not my intention for my private life to be known to the public.

“I know the person who is doing all this, he is close to me and jealousy pushed the person to publish those images because I am doing good in my life,” said Letty in a nine-minute WhatsApp call interview with this reporter.

She went on to say that the nudes are not going to intimidate or destroy her.

“Everything happens for a reason and such things will come to pass. I had my own reasons of playing with my punani and it must bother no one. If Abantu belenkinga abadlalise into zabo (if people have problems, they must play with their sexual private parts).


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