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Madzibaba Zano(Prophet) returns hubby to wife 7 years after staying with small house


GUTU -A Harare man who left his family to stay with a girlfriend for seven years has retraced his steps back home after the wife got prayers from popular Harare Madzibaba Zano born Robson Zano of the Chitenderano Apostolic Church in Africa.
Zacharia Muvhaki deserted his wife Kundai Machekano and their matrimonial home in 2014 for a Gutu based woman.
“I offered Machekano prayers to reclaim her family. Her husband had been away for seven years. They are now staying together at 2802B Western Triangle, Harare.
“I am a man of God and it is my wish and dream to assist everyone who is having problems. I am a specialist in sending back bad omens to the sender. Those seeking marriage, having trouble with spouses, sexual problems, vakadyiwa, vakakandwa zvitsinga, business problems, those who want to conceive, employment, vane munyama, among other ailments,” said Madzibaba Zano.
Machekano who is a member of Madzibaba Zano’s congregation said the man of cloth offered her prayers which returned her husband back to their matrimonial home after desperately trying to get assistance from other prophets.
“I am grateful to the man of cloth for his prayers. He is indeed a man of God. I consulted other prophets to no avail. I was on the verge of giving up when he offered me prayers,” said Machekano.
The man of cloth can be contacted on 0772203136 or 0714652329


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