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Apostle Chiwenga Attacks Govt: Start Your Own Church If You Want To Get Masses Vaccinated


At a time when preachers around the world are campaigning to persuade their followers to get jabbed, the controversial Apostle Talent Chiwenga has attacked the government of Zimbabwe saying it should start its own church if it wants the masses to get vaccinated.

Chiwenga was speaking at a time when the govt has issued the no jab, no church policy.

Responding to this, Chiwenga said the government should “not shove the problem down to the throat of the church.

‘We should not share that burden,” he said.

He continued saying:

You are the one who are in charge of national administration. Speak to the people; use diplomatic means to speak to the people properly. Don’t give the church work to do.

You will want to be voted in, those not vaccinated will not be allowed to attend church. This is how it all begins. Don’t rope us into your responsibility of government.

This is your problem it is not a problem of the church. Don’t give us your problem and ask us to solve it for you. The people are resisting to be vaccinated. Find out why they are not coming for it. Find out why they are reluctant.
Yes that is what a responsible leadership does. When people resist you ask them why are you resisting? If there are concerns, address those concerns; don’t give that problem to the church forcing the church saying: everyone who doesn’t get vaccinated should not come to church.

What will you be doing yourself? Another solution is the government should open a church. The president should start a church: the president should start a church and say we have a new church it is called Zimbabwe African national union patriotic party, Patriotic Front international ministries.

If you want to join ZANU PF church, you should get vaccinated. They love to preach, why can’t they start a church? Start a church called ZANU PF international Ministries; another one called MDC ministries international, another one called NCA body of Christ.

This is not the best way to get people vaccinated no it’s not.

If you feel the church system can help people get vaccinated, start a church.

If you don’t want to make it a church you can make it one that belongs to the government. Government of Zimbabwe International Church, and you build a big auditorium, and you say those who want to get vaccinated, you can join the church that belongs to the government, and your leave the one that belongs to Jesus. Those are solutions.

Is the number of pastors small? There are so many pastors out there…


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