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R.I.P 6 People Die In A HORRIFIC Tax Accident


Six people unfortunately died, and five others, including a child, were left with moderate to severe injuries when a taxi crashed into a tree and caught alight. The incident happened in the late hours of the day around 19:30 on Saturday, emergency services were called into the scene of the accident to do the necessary investigations and clear the scene of all the bodies.

The deadly accident occurred on Tom Muller Street in Krugersdorp, the circumstances which led to the accident have not been determined by the police because they are still conducting investigations.

However, it is likely that this accident was caused by speeding and negligent driving that occurred in the early hours of the evening we can also assume that the individuals who were involve specially the driver was very exhausted from working throughout the day.
The Westrand Municipality Fire Department extinguished the Taxi, which was well alight – it was burning uncontrollably and the driver as well as the passengers had to get out of the vehicle in order to save themselves.

Upon assessment, paramedics found five people, including a young child, with serious injuries. All the victims were treated on scene and the ones with critical injuries were taken to hospital in order to get further treatment, a emergency helicopter was called into the scene in order to take those patients who are most critical to hospital.

There was nothing that paramedics could do for the six burnt victims, they were all declared dead on the scene. This incident is very unfortunate because family members were worried last night about what could have happened to their loved ones, since they were not showing up late in the evening.

So some family members have made an effort to find them and find out the devastating accident that is happened, some had to go to hospital and some to the morgue to identify their loved ones.


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