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Jah Prayzah, Killer T Held At RGM Airport Over “Fake” Covid-19 Certificates After SA Show


Popular contemporary musicians Jah Prayzah and Killer T, together with their band members, were held at the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport on Monday for allegedly having fake Covid-19 certificates. The musicians, their backing vocalists and band members were coming from South Africa where they performed at cigarette tycoon Adam Molai’s birthday party.

The South African based tycoon’s 50th birthday party in Cape Town, was attended by many prominent people including members of the vanquished G40 faction. Some of the people who attended the all-white party include the late former president Robert Mugabe’s nephew Patrick Zhuwao. Molai and Zhuwao are related by marriage as the former is married to Mugabe’s niece.

Zhuwao has been in self-imposed exile in South Africa since his uncle was deposed by the military in November 2017. Molai’s party was also attended by former cabinet ministers Saviour Kasukuwere and Walter Mzembi.

The musicians were later released after being detained for some hours. A source told investigative publication The NewsHawks,

“They were held at the airport for hours by immigration and state agents claiming their Covid-19 testing certificates were not valid. However, it was clearly a political issue. They were being punished for performing at a party with G40 members; that’s very petty


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