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Pastor to pray for the dead runs for his dear life as bees invade graveyard [video]


A pastor and his sympathizers had to run for their lives at a cemetery after bees invaded the grave to bury the dead they were praying for.

An eyewitness reported that just before the pastor was about to say the final prayer for the 18-year old girl who had passed away, the bees emerged from the blue and invaded the grave.

The pastor could not continue the prayers as he had no other option than to run for his dear life.

Family members, friends and sympathizers of the late 18-year-old girl followed the footsteps of the man of the cloth as they all left the grave and the dead body.

The coffin which carried the body of the late 18-year-old girl was left uncovered in the grave as all went home.

According to an eyewitness, the cemetery is not known for bees, a major reason why the incident sent shivers in the spines of the people.


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