Home Music Single mothers expose Trevor Dongo – “He is a gold digger”

Single mothers expose Trevor Dongo – “He is a gold digger”


Urban Grooves superstar Trevor Dongo has found himself trending on all social platforms for all the wrong reasons.

The reportedly unmarried star is said to have been gold digging his way up to fund his recent music endeavors.

In a post that went viral on social media, the superstar was being shamed for hustling single diasporan mothers off their hard earned money in the name of love.

The post reads:

“This guy has mastered the art of lying to vulnerable women, he pretends to be single and starts asking you for money for rent, groceries, clothes and others while you busy supporting him he is behind the scenes spending your money with some slay queens.

His targets are mainly diasporans who don’t see his daily activities, be warned Zimbos ladies ‘usazochema’. This guyis boke so he will lie to you that he loves you while you fall for that you start sending him money that he later channels to his slay queens and pretends to be a hardworker.

His latest album and videos were funded by someone he seriously cheated on and again with these so called slay queens.

Maybe its King shaddy’s fault who slept with Dongo’s ex-wife! but then again we will never know


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