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FREED: 16 “Kuwadzana Sex Party” Participants Released On Free Bail, Authorities Struggle To Find Charge(Picts)


The 6 women and 10 men who were arrested over the weekend for attending the now-infamous “Kuwadzana Sex Party” were all freed on Monday. The 16 were released on free bail when they appeared at the Harare Magistrate’s Court.

The 16 have been identified as Chibanda Alexio (41), Daniel Dhivala (23), Edward Kanengoni (29), Praisemore Makuni (39), Trust Gamure (21), Spatisiwe Kufa (21), Samuel Makove (34), Paul Nhodza (35), Luis Zvenhasi (26), Mark Tafirenyika (36), Thokozani Tshuma (21), Lydia Nyakutsikwa (36), Mollen Mashangaidze (33), Loveness Zindi and Shylet Simba.

All 16 appeared before Harare magistrate Barbra Mateko. They were not asked to enter a plea and were instead remanded out of custody on free bail.

This follows reports that the 16 spent most of Monday at the courts as the authorities struggled to come up with an appropriate charge to justify their arrest.

According to the Zimpapers Television Network (ZTN), the 16 were initially charged with disorderly conduct when they were arrested by the police. However, when they went to court on Monday, the state prosecutors are reported to have dropped that charge arguing that it was improper.

The charge was later changed to soliciting for sex. However, the state prosecutors are reported to have objected to this charge deeming it unsuitable given the circumstances. When the courts adjourned for lunch, the authorities were yet to find a suitable charge for the 16.

It is not clear what charge was eventually preferred against the “Kuwadzana Sex Party” participants when they appeared in court later on.

However, the owner of the house in question, one 35-year-old Reyn Mabva who is being charged with turning his house into a brothel, was remanded to Tuesday on $3 000 bail.

Although the lewd party was advertised as taking place in Kuwadzana, it actually occured at House Number 618 Monaghan Road, Tynwald South, Harare

Chaosafrica spoke with one of the ladies from the party below is part of the conversation,this is what she said

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Miri wese wakazvimba some of the police vasungwa ndichakupa more info


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