Zanu PF MP’s vehicle used in attempted abduction of Bulawayo motorist


Man was heavily assaulted and dragged into car against his will but he jumped off

BULAWAYO – Two men were arrested on Monday after they attempted to abduct a motorist by throwing him in the back of a Zanu PF truck assigned to Insiza North MP Farai Taruvinga.

The incident, captured on video, was triggered by a minor road traffic accident.

Witnesses said after two vehicles “touched” on George Silundika Street between 10th and 11th Avenue in Bulawayo, one of the drivers attempted to leave the scene before police arrived, prompting the other driver to grab his keys to stop him leaving.

Incensed, the driver who wanted to flee allegedly called for “back-up” and within minutes, a Zanu PF-branded Mitsubishi truck arrived with four men who jumped off and began assaulting the other motorist, who claimed to be a soldier based in Harare.

The soldier, whose name could not be established, said four of his front teeth had become loose from the savage beating before his assailants tried to force him into the Zanu PF vehicle, registration AEN 7705. He jumped from the vehicle just as it was driving off with him. Onlookers stepped in and stopped the attempted abduction.

ZimLive has established that the Zanu PF branded truck is owned by Taruvinga and was being driven by a man identified as Fiso Mpofu, who drove off from the scene before police arrived.

The two men who were arrested are believed to both work at Fred Gold Mine in Filabusi. One of the men, who wore a blue shirt, has been named only as Tatenda

Nabbed … Two of the men involved in the assault and attempted abduction of a Bulawayo motorist are seen in handcuffs following arrest
Caught on camera … A Zanu PF branded Mitsubishi truck used in attempted abduction belongs to Insiza North MP Farai Taruvinga
Brutalised … The unnamed motorist who claimed to be a soldier (centre) is seen in conversation with a man believed to be a police detective

Watch the video below



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