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Former Detective Shoots Dead 3 Armed Robbers In His House in Harare


A retired member of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) crack team, Joseph Nemaisa, has shot and killed three armed men who stormed his home and held his family hostage during a robbery.

The robbers pounced on Nemaisa’s Chadcombe home in Harare on Monday night and reportedly robbed the family of US$850, a Samsung cellphone, a shotgun and other property.

Nemaisa, who is now a lawyer, received a distress call from his home after his wife, brother-in-law and son were accosted by five balaclava-wearing thugs armed with an AK47 rifle and pistols.

He immediately raced home where a gunfight with the robbers ensued, ending with three of the intruders lying dead on the floor in pools of blood.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) said two others escaped through the bedroom window unhurt and the police are still looking for them. Said the former detective:

I’m safe, my wife and kids are safe too. My house is all blood. I thank the Almighty for the skill and courage



This memorandum serves to place on record circumstances and initial investigations carried out on the above subject matter.

Complainant . Fadzanai Musarurwa aged 36 years.
NR : 48 – 111936-G-71.
Res: 2875 Pheasant, Road, Chadcombe, Harare.
Bus: Not employed.

Accused: Five unknown black male adults.


On 06 December 2021, at around 2045 hours, complainant arrived at the given address and saw three male adults who were walking near her house. She closed the gate, parked her car and entered her sitting room through the main door. She then closed the door behind her and sat on the sofas with her family.

After about five minutes she heard her dogs barking viciously and she then instructed her brother Masimba Musarurwa to lock the main door. As he was locking the door she then heard that there was someone who was trying to force open the door. Courage Nemaisa NR 63-3375178-E-50 then quickly phoned his father Joseph Nemaisa NR 50-080987-E-50 and informed him that there were intruders at the house. The whole family then retreated to their bedrooms and the complainant went into the toilet where she locked herself from inside. The accused forced open the main door to the house using crow bars and screw drivers. Upon entering the house the five unknown accused persons assaulted everyone in the rooms, forced them to lie down and demanded to see the complainant.

The complainant decided to come out of the toilet and she was also assaulted on the face using open hands and she discovered that two of the accused persons were armed with rifles and they demanded for money. Complainant led them to the bedroom where she handed over USD850-00. The accused ransacked the house and took a Samsung M20 cellphone belonging to the complainant (serial number to be supplied), a Black Acer laptop and a Shot gun (serial number to be obtained). When the accused persons were about to leave, Joseph Nemaisa arrived at the scene and shot at the accused who were still in the house and there was an exchange of gunfire which led to the death of three of the accused persons and damaging the walls and windows of the house. The remaining two accused persons instructed complainant to search the bodies of three accused persons and collected all firearms, particulars and cellphones of their accomplices. They then got out of the house through one of the spare bedroom window before escaping from the yard by scaling through the precast wall.

Total value stolen is US$1 600-00 and nothing was recovered.

The complainant made a report at ZRP Hatfield.

Scene was attended by Crime Nights, CID Homicide crack teams, Photographer, ZRP Canine who made the following observations.

Scene is an 7 roomed house situated in middle density suburbs of Chadcombe, Harare,
The house is secured by a precast wall
There are no CCTV cameras installed at the house,
17 live rounds and 12 spent cartridges were recovered at the scene,
Complainant was interviewed and she stated that she suffered no injuries during the robbery. She also stated that the accused persons were wearing face masks.
Courage Nemaisa NR 63-3375178-E-50 aged 18 years of number 2875 Chadcombe , Harare, was interviewed and he stated that he just heard a bang on the door and he ran into a spare bedroom to call his father Joseph Nemaisa who then arrived within 15 minutes,
The bodies of the three unknown accused persons were ferried to Sally Mugabe Hospital Mortuary in a ZRP 284 T motor vehicle which was being driven by Assistant Inspector Mabasa.


To arrest the outstanding accused persons and recover the stolen property.
To recover the firearms and weapons used to commit the crime.
To get the identity of bodies of the three unknown accused persons through NFB
To carry out a post mortem on the three bodies.

Investigations are in progress under Z.R.P Hatfield RRB 4924419.


Hom: 1029/21

07 December 2021.


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