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Pictures: Somizi Ex Mohale Motaung finally shows off his new lover


Barely five months after his splitsville with Somizi, Mohale Motaung seems to have moved on already. A few years after their colourful wedding, there was trouble in paradise.

No doubt, the two have been making all sorts of headlines in recent years. In the mix of things, Mohale dropped a bombshell when he leaked abuse allegations against Somizi Mhlongo.

In the backdrop of these daring abuse allegations, Somizi saw his fall from glory. Somizi saw himself being cancelled.

However, it seems as he has gone awol and is yet to bounce back from the cancellation. Duped as the Mohale heist sources, Somizi is set to lose half of her empire to Mohale. However, it seems as if the divorce hasn’t materialised yet in the mix of things.

Mohale didn’t just secure a new job only but an affair too. However, despite having a dramatic ending, Mohale seems to care less. He has managed to sweep the Somizi chapter under the carpet with a new affair. We can all agree that he is not good at keeping his private life under wraps.

Mohale Motaung’s new lover Dr Tshepo gets Mzansi talking
He didn’t just bag a new radio gig but also a new partner, too and they have been looking all loved up. However, while he hasn’t known it yet, his social media accounts say otherwise.

Mohale Motaung and new lover Dr Tshepo

Viral pictures of Mohale chilling out with Dr Tshepo ‘Tshepo Chotledi’ have flooded social media, and Mzansi is more than convinced that the two are dating. Viral photos of them posing in the same bathtub fueled the daring rumours.

To make matters worse, they shared the pictures separately, and Mzansi connected the dots as they couldn’t alter the scenery and background. One can easily see that the two are spending time together on the low.

Well, it comes as a shocker given the fact they are yet to divorce. On the other hand, Somizi keeps it low, minding his business living large with those to him. In the backdrop of the alleged affair, Mohale is yet to confirm nor deny the rumour that has since hogged the headlines


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