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Happy Again: Passion Java left with egg on his face


Controversial and flamboyant preacher Passion Java has aligned himself to compete against dancehall chanter Winky D if his latest release from his record label is anything to go by.

Last week Winky D announced the release of a new song and video, Happy Again — a day later Passion Java Records announce the release of Roki’s video Mafuta, which was going to fall on the same date and time as Winky D’s release. This can’t be a mere coincidence.

Roki has been enjoying a good year that saw him courting regional artistes such as Koffie Olomide, Ray Vanny and Director Kenny.

Java has on record admitted that he admires Winky D and wanted to work with him at some time, but the dreadlocked chanter turned down Java’s US$35 000 offer for a one-year project.

His admiration of Winky D is evident in his skits where he calls himself “the gaffa prophet”, a term created and popularised by Winky D who calls his legion of fans “Magaffa”.

Another trait of Winky D admiration and obsession, recently Java and his entourage have been seen in videos clad in a red flight suit resembling popular television series Money Heist — characters.

Ironically, Winky D was the first artist in Zimbabwe to wear the costume last year while performing at a show organsied by Passion Java dubbed Gara Mumba.

That is the only time the two ever worked together, and the closest that they have ever been musically is sharing the same producer, Oskid who is now the resident producer at Passion Java Records.

The idea of releasing Roki’s video concurrently with Winky D could have been a strategy to divide attention and start a conversation on which one is a better song.

Byron Watsikenyere, a music fan, and critic said Java should not overate Roki that much.

“Yes, Roki is a good artist and he has been doing well, but the idea of trying to make him compete with Winky D is farfetched,” Watsikenyere said.

“Java should not overate Roki that much, his Mafuta song is a good song, but we cant start comparing it with Happy Again, these are two people from two different worlds.”

It had been close to a year since Winky D released new music and his latest release Happy Again comes as a relief to many of his followers.

Like always when Winky D releases, attention and opinion is divided, some have labeled the song as a hit while others have described it as lukewarm and lacking the ability to shake off Nutty O who has been reigning on the dancehall scene with his latest Mustard Seed release, which was endorsed by Winky D.


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