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Harare Allocates Residential Stands On Tarred Roads


The Harare City Council reportedly allocated several residential stands on tarred streets in Glen Norah and also converted recreation areas and wetlands to housing stands in violation of laid-down by-laws.

Residents in Glen Norah high-density suburb have lamented the continual sprouting of illegal structures on some streets.

In one such incident, a house is under construction in the middle of Mabanda Crescent opposite house number 664 in Glen Norah A.

There are two other cottages that are almost ready for occupation in the middle of Narira Crescent in Glen Norah A.

Also in Glen Norah, a completed structure was built in the middle of the road next to house number 1486 close by Narira Street around Glen Norah Flats.

Speaking to The Herald on Sunday, a Glen Norah resident, Gwinyai Mutunga called for the removal of the structures as they were blocking their way to Chitubu Shops. He said:

This is a road which we used to go to the shops but now it is impassable.

The house was built on the road and as residents, we are saying it should be demolished.

We understand the stand was given to the nephew of a local Member of Parliament (of the MDC).

We do not know the owner of the other house but what we want as residents is the demolition of the two houses because we cannot have houses built on the road.

We are very disappointed with what is happening in the council and they should respect the residents.

Another resident, Eveline Masanga said residents were ready to demolish the structures if they get permission from the Government. She said:

We as residents are not happy with these developments and they are clear signs of corruption.

We were shocked to see bricks being offloaded in the middle of the road.

If the Government can give us permission we can demolish the houses ourselves.

Combined Harare Residents Association programmes manager Rueben Akili said it was concerning that houses were being built on open spaces, roads and road servitudes.

Corrupt council officials are believed to be behind the haphazard allocation of residential stands in Harare.


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