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Praise and worship member Millicent sent nud_es by mistake to AFM Church WhatsApp group


AFM Borrowdale North Assembly praise and worship member,Millicent Manyere will regret the day when she sent her nud_es to a church WhatsApp group.She wanted to sent to her boyfriend who is based in Canada.To make matters worse,she messed big time by pressing delete for me option instead of delete for everyone.The next option for her was to exit the group and she did that.

Other Praise and Worship members in the group were shocked to find her nud_es in the chats.”We were shocked because Milly looks so descent and is in a serious relationship.Her boyfriend is based in Canada and we thought they don’t share nud_es.She is very cute ,well mannered and from a good family” said a Praise and Worship church member who requested not to be mentioned.

Contacted for comment,Millicent said she is in a shock and not even going to church.”Nothing to hide,those are my photos.I just want to ask my fellow church members to forgive me.I messed up.I deactivated all my social media handles.I need to be alone.My parents are well respected church members.I betrayed them.I wanted to share the pictures with my boyfriend and made a mistake by posting them to a church whatsapp group.Nyadzi dzinokunda rufu” said Millicent


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