Watch:Cape Town based Madzibaba Benjy video at a sangoma shrine(vachiromba) surfaces.


A video has surfaced of a Zimbabwean self proclaimed prophet based in Capetown,South Africa .in the video he is seen with a Known traditional healer being given powers so that he can perform more miracles to his followers.

A small black calabash is handed to him by the sangoma while narrating that he wants Madzibaba Benjy to be successful and buy cars and have the video where It starts by Baba Benjy being prayed upon ends with him kneeling down and taking instructions from the sangoma.

He was further instructed by the Sangoma not to kill people but make money through the calabash he was given.the Sangoma went on to claim that a lot of prophets come to him for powers>chaosafrica

the sangoma is flanked by 2 other man probably his helpers during the ceremony.


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