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Zim Military Refuses To Handover Soldier Who Shot & Killed Civilian To Police


Military commanders at the Air Force Of Zimbabwe’s Josiah Tungamirai (former Thornhill) Air Base in Gweru are alleged to have refused to hand over a soldier who shot and killed a civilian. The commanders are reported to have prevented the police from arresting the soldier in question.

The soldier, Staff Sergeant Evidence Makuyana, was on patrol when he came across Ziyesa Tsvetera’s vehicle, which was parked near the perimeter of the Air Base. When Makuyana and his colleague approached the car to question the driver, Tsvetera panicked and raced away.

The staff sergeant fired three warning shots in the air, but Tsvetera did not stop. After the three warning shots, Makuyana fired two shots at the vehicle. The two soldiers then followed Tsvetera in another vehicle and discovered that he had been hit.

He was transported to Gweru General Hospital, where he was admitted. However, he later succumbed to his injuries. After ferrying the now deceased to Hospital, Makuyana filed a police report at Gweru Central Police Station.

According to a police memo, the military commanders at the airbase partially cooperated with the police as they refused to release Staff Seargent Makuyana into the custody of the law enforcement officers.


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