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Bulawayo Man demands s_x from late brother’s wife


A WOMAN from Luveve suburb has approached the Western Commonage Court in Bulawayo to help her restrain her late’s husband’s younger brother who wants to chuck her out of the family house after she refused to sleep with him.

Mercy Mlotshwa (58) said she has been staying at the house since 1985. All was well but things turned sour after her husband died in May this year. Now her late hubby’s younger brother, Ephraim Mlotshwa, (60) frequents their home and pesters her for sex.

After she turned him down, he started to emotionally and verbally abuse, telling her that he is the heir of the house and wants her to move out.

In her affidavit she said: “I am applying for a peace order against my late husband’s younger brother. He has been pestering me to indulge in sex with him and I turned his request down.

Now he wants to inflict pain on me by always telling me to get out of the house saying he wants to come and stay at the family house with his family. I have been paying bills for the house for more than 35 years and my husband even extended it.”

The presiding magistrate Jeconia Prince Ncube granted Mercy a protection order. Ephraim was ordered to refrain from verbally and emotionally abusing Mercy. He was also ordered to approach the courts to ascertain the ownership of the house.


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