Watch:Woman Gets Shot At Multiple Times By Her Boyfriend’s Alleged Sidechick After Allegedly Confronting Him For Cheating On New Year’s Eve

The police chief of Little Rock has been suspended following an incident in which he shot and severely wounded a woman while trying to shoot at another woman who was caught on camera shooting a gun on New Year’s Eve.

Chief Keith Humphrey was placed on administrative leave on Saturday, one day after he shot and critically injured 22-year-old Kelecia Mayo while attempting to apprehend suspected shooter Taz Hayes, 29.

A dramatic video showed a woman arguing with a man before slamming a phone through the window of a car. A second woman, identified as Hayes, then runs into shot and fires, but misses everyone.

Humphrey is said to have shot Mayo while out on patrol as part of a ‘all hands on deck’ initiative.

Humphrey was patrolling the city on Friday when he witnessed a fight break out in a gas station parking lot shortly before 9 p.m., Arkansas State Police reported.

Authorities allege that as he exited his patrol car, after spotting a woman firing her weapon into the group. Humphrey then allegedly fired his gun at the suspected shooter, Taz Hayes, 29, but missed her, instead striking Kelecia Mayo, 22.

Mayo was then airlifted to a hospital in Little Rock, where she remained in critical condition as of Saturday morning.

Hayes, meanwhile, fled the scene but was later taken into custody and charged with first-degree murder

watch the video below



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