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Johanne Marange Boy who lost 5 fingers while grinding maize suffers complications due to religious beliefs


A WARREN PARK teenager, who lost five fingers in a mishap at his uncle’s grinding mill five months ago, risks facing health complications as he is still to receive medical attention owing to religious considerations.

Emmanuel Mutedza told H-Metro his parents’ religious beliefs mean he can’t have access to medical attention.

Emmanuel Mutedza

It also means he can’t sit for examinations after he accidentally lost his fingers while grinding maize seed.
Emmanuel, a Form 3 student, is the first born in a family of five children.

He has been receiving prayers from a member of Johanne Marange Apostolic church in Glen View.
His treatment include Beta Tick Grease, which is used to kill ticks, on livestock.

He is staying with his parents in Warren Park D, where he is helping his mother at her market place.

“I am in pain brother., ndirikurwadziwa,” said Emmanuel.
“It’s only that we are not allowed to seek medical attention at hospitals but my hand is rotting.

“I was grinding maize at my uncle’s grinding mill at the village when I mistakenly put my hand in the mill, trying to remove something, which was blocking the free movement of maize.
“I was not aware of the mechanism and got injured in the process.”
Emmanuel’s mother.

Miriam Kazingizi, told H-Metro she has been facing challenges in raising transport money to continue visiting their church member, only identified as Chinyanga of Glen View, who is nursing him.
“The injuries were too severe on the day we left Mudzi that if there was any medical doctor to attend to my child I could have sought help,” said Kazingizi.
“At Johanne Marange Church we are not allowed to visit clinics or hospitals.
“I was directed to one Chinyanga, who is known for helping Johanne Marange members who get injured, or need an operation.
“I stayed there for some months with Emmanuel where they treated him with washing soap and grease.
“If there are people who want to help us they can assist with transport money from here to Glen View.
“Mari yaperera pakutenga grease, bandages ne surf. Ndavakutoita zvekuwacha bandage kuti arishandisezve nekuda kwekushaiwa mari.
“Mwoyo wangu uri kurwadzirwa mwana wangu nekuti arikurwadziwa zvakanyanya pamwe pacho aitotadza kugara chaiko.
“I was afraid when I heard about your visit thinking that you had come to arrest me for not taking the child to hospital nekuti vazhinji varikundikurudzira zvisinga tenderwe nekereke yedu.
“I want to believe that those who want to assist us will not violate our church faith,” said Kazingizi


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