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Meet The Zim Sangoma Who Married 12 Wives & Fathered 100 Children From Selling Goblins


Business is certainly booming for a Zimbabwean traditional healer who is living lavishly despite having a huge family.  The sangoma, 68-year-old Sekuru Kafura has married 12 wives and fathered an incredible 100 children, all from selling tikoloshes (goblins) and other money-making charms to his clients.

Unlike most sangomas, Sekuru Kafura does not hide the fact that he sells money-making goblins to anyone who can pay for the services.

Speaking to the state-owned Sunday Mailfrom his home in Chitungwiza, Sekuru Kafura opened up about his business of selling goblins.

“There is nothing to be ashamed of. I sell goblins to whoever can afford. I have been doing this since 1972, and this is not a secret,” he said.

He did not reveal how much he charges his clients for the goblins.

However, his son Moses Kafura, who doubles as his father’s assistant, had no qualms about revealing how much his father charges for goblins. Moses revealed that one must bring between US$500 and US$2500 if they want to procure a goblin for themselves. The amount paid depends on the “power” of the supernatural creature in question.

“When it comes to goblins, we have three packages. We charge US$2 500 (approximately R39 000), US$1 500 (R23 400 and US$500 (R7800) for the three packages on offer,” he said casually.


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