Confirmed – Zimbabwean prophet behind R1.3m bar bill at Pretoria club and gave waiter a staggering R124 000 tip


Zimbabwean prophet known for his extravagant lifestyle is behind the R1.3 million for drinks at a Pretoria club over the past weekend

It is confirmed – Zimbabwean prophet Passion Java is the one who spent more than R1.3 million for drinks at a Pretoria club over the past weekend.

Java, who also owns a record label, hosted a birthday party for Passion Java Records Country Manager Denford Saunyama at the 012 Lifestyle bar in Brooklyn, Pretoria.

Videos of partygoers pouring liters and liters of expensive champagne over Saunyama and on the floor while dancing in the puddles of fizz have gone viral.

Saunyama thanked Java on his Facebook account for changing his life.

A lucky waiter also received a whopping R124 000.00 tip.

The 33-year-old prophet started his ministry in Zimbabwe. He has crossed borders and performed in South Africa.

In January 2021 Java launched his record label -Passion Java record. The record label has offices in Hatfield.

The restaurant posted photos of the party on social media but could not be reached for comment yet.

What was ordered and exactly how much it costs.

100 bottles of Ace of Spade champagne at R10 000 each
50 bottles of Vauve Rich champagne at R2 000 each
20 bottles of Dom Perignon champagne at R6 000 each
10 300ml cans of Coke at R25 each
3 bottles of Glenfiddich scotch whiskey at R9 500 each
Food platter R650
Food platter R550
Social media users who commented on the picture of the bill, however, were shocked at the utter wastage while others questioned the club and its non-existent adherence to the Covid protocols.

Watch the video below


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