Flashback on one of Zim Strangest story were a house disappears into thin air and appears in Malawi


An elderly man of Malawian origin had worked at Wankie colliery mine in Zimbabwe for most of his life.He lived in a company house at Madumavise village number 2.

he had occupied the house for several decades.Upon retirement the mine management sent the eldely man notice to vacate the house since it was comapany property but the man refused to barge and told them that its his house and where can i go and I am old.
The management decided to use force to evict the man and went back with more man the following day.The whole compound was shocked to wake up one day and the house was not there. It had disappeared the previous night leaving only the foundation.A certain former colleague of Malawian decent confirmed seeing the man and the house in Malawi.Up to now no one has dared not to build anything on the empty stand were the house used to stand.

Watch the video below


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