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Popular Zim musician Dino Mudondo surfaces in South Africa as a mine worker


South Africa based Rasta Kwasa musician, Dino Mudondo, is now a mine worker in Mpumalanga.

The versatile singer, who is now in his early 40s, says decided to find a second job owing to the uncertainties in music owing to the Covid-19 pandemic.

He, however, said he would not quit music which he said still remains his first love.

“I have started the new year on a positive note. The year promises quite a lot for me because great things are happening in my life.

“I’m now a working at a mine in Mpumalanga where were are buying and selling coal.

“I have been working here for the past six months and I really enjoy it,” said the Chirangano hit-maker.

Dino, who used to rely on music to bring food on the table, said there was nothing wrong with him finding a second job.

“World over, people are now multi-tasking because of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has seen some of the sectors closing.

“With my background in marketing and purchasing, I just decided to submit my CV when a vacancy arose at a mine in Mpumalanga.

“I’m grateful to God because I now have a second job to sustain myself and family.

“With Covid-19 pandemic still in our midst, you never know what will happen the following day so it’s important to always have a fallback plan,” he said.

Music wise, Dino said he was still holding shows whenever he gets an opportunity.

“I have been holding a few selected shows here and I really enjoyed the experience because that’s what I was born to do.

“I have even made a cameo appearance at one of Sulu’s shows when he came here to perform.

“I will be releasing my 19th album in August this year if all go according to plan.

“Initially, I wanted to release the albumin April but I have realised that I will not be able to beat the deadline due to work commitments,” he said.

Dino, who has been in South Africa for years, is reportedly a victim of sabotage at the hands of fellow Zimbabwean artistes across the Limpopo.

Reports say that a top Zimbabwean artist resident in South Africa has been blocking Dino from reaching out to other promoters, a claim he confirmed.

“Sabotage is always there in the music industry where some of our fellow countrymen have been blocking us from reaching to promoters as well as bad-mouthing us.

“I’m now a grown up man in his early 40s so I will not name and shame the artist because I have passed that stage of name-dropping.

“The sabotage occurred when Mukanya (Thomas Mapfumo) toured here.

“I was supposed to be part of the tour but the guy told the promoters that I was no longer resident in SA for reasons best known to him since he wants to be the main man,” he said.

Dino, who once formed a dynamic duo with Willom Tight back in Zimbabwe, remains one of the finest artist of his generation to emerge in this country.


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