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ZBC Radio Zimbabwe Presenter Rutendo Makuti Accused Of Seducing Prophet T Freddy With Nudes(Pcts)


The court case involving Goodness and Mercy Ministries church leader, Tapiwa Freddy and ZBC Radio Zimbabwe presenter Rutendo Makuti has taken a new twist after it emerged that she consented to the se_xual act and seduced the man of God by sending him nude pictures.

Rutendo Makuti

As the trial resumed today, the court heard that the complainant used nude pictures, audio and text messages to demand se_x from Prophet T Freddy.

The nude pictures, audios and text messages were produced in court as evidence.

In one of the audios presented in court, Rutendo can be heard asking for a kiss and se_x from the self-proclaimed man of God.

After all the overwhelming evidence was presented in court, Rutendo denied seducing Prophet T Freddy. In her defence, Rutendo affirmed that the nude pictures were taken from her phone but refuted claims that she is the one who sent them to Prophet T. Freddy. She claims she was not the one with the phone at the time the sex_ual material was sent to the defendant.

“I know the picture it was taken by my husband while bathing. As for the other pictures I don’t know it was taken when my husband was alive and we were in Nyanga,” she said.

This comes a couple of days after Prophet T. Freddy pleaded not guilty to the charges when his trial opened at the Harare Magistrates Court.

In mitigation, Prophet T Freddy told the court that he had consensual s_exual intercourse with Rutendo Makuti.

Prophet T. Freddy revealed that the ra_pe accusations arose after he sought to terminate their love relationship


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