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Watch Viral Video Of Pastor Mike Todd spits in his hand and rubs it all over man’s face


Pastor Mike Todd is making headlines for wiping his spit on a man’s face during his usual Sunday Service. The Young Pastor was seen spitting his spit on the face of a young gentle man who out of respect withstood the shame and the nastiness of what is being done to him.

Pastor Mike Todd was simply illustrating that receiving “God’s visions can sometimes be nasty.” The video which is currently making waves on the internet got many people talking as they labelled Pastor Mike Todd as a false prophet.

We do know that Jesus Christ demonstrated a Miracle in John 9:6 where Jesus spat on the floor and made some mud with the saliva and put it on the blind man’s eyes and asked him to go and wash his face in the Pool of Siloam. This miracle restored the Blind man’s eye according to the Bible.

Referencing the above scripture and comparing it to what Pastor Mike Todd did, many claimed he is not demonstrating the same thing that Jesus did, and he has done his ‘miracle’ out of the context of the Bible.
Watch the video below
Pastor Mike Todd Spit


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