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Angry Jah Prayzah puts brakes on Zim award entries


JAH Prayzah’s camp insists they won’t submit entries for Zimbabwean music and arts merit awards anymore, as a matter of policy.

The multiple award-winner’s manager, Keen Mushapaidze, made the announcement last Friday, which divided opinions.

He made the revelation shortly after the announcement of the ZIMA 2020 nominees where they were not placed on the list.

‘‘Jah Prayzah does not submit for awards consideration is the phrase. But all the same, well done to all the nominees and we wish each and everyone the best.

“Hard work should be supported all the time, Thank you Zima,” posted the manager.

Many of his followers have been questioning whether they undermined the local music and merit awards, which the manager dismissed.

“We still insist that Jah Prayzah does not submit entries for the awards because releasing the music for the market should be enough for us. It’s now a matter of policy that we don’t submit entries and we have told event organisers the same thing that we have passed that stage.

“We now think releasing our stuff for the masses is enough and if people (award organisers) like our stuff, they know what to do with it,” he said.

Asked whether this has been their modus operandi over the years, Mushapaidze explained:

“There was a time we used to submit entries but we have stopped doing that in the past few years.

“We have realised that our brand is now big and it was up to the people who organise such events to do their part, without asking us to submit our stuff, because they have it on every platform.

“Like I said earlier on, it’s now a matter of policy where we want to stick to what can make our brand big. We are no longer focusing on the Zimbabwean market alone because we have cast our nets wider.”

He, however, said their decision does not mean they were undermining the local music and arts merit awards.

“We will never undermine Zimbabwean awards because we are still singing for the Zimbabweans, who took us where we are today.

“We have only stopped submitting entries as a matter of policy since we believe in our brand and vision. To those who have other ideas, it’s unfortunate that we won’t change our mind because that is what we have decided to do,” he said.

The Uzumba-bred chanter has won almost everything on home soil and bagged regional and international awards


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