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Trending On Social Media|Levels Chillspot Denies Dating Shashl| Kikky Badass Claps Back At Troll| Passion Java Catches The ‘Yellow Fever’


Here is a round-up of what has been trending on social media today.

Levels Chillspot

Levels Chillspot has finally come out to address rumours circulating alleging that he is in a relationship with Obadiah Moyo’s daughter.

Speaking during an interview with a local tabloid, Levels refuted claims that he is dating Shashl. Levels said he is Shashl’s manager which is why they spend so much time together.

“Social media is made up of unprofessional people, they don’t care about people’s reputation. The truth is I am not having a love affair with Shashl. Actually, I am her manager, that’s why I spend most of my time with her.

When I am not at work, I usually spend my time with Fantan and Shashl, having fun and creating lifetime memories,” he said.
the queen of clap backs hit back at a troll after he called her ‘ugly.’ This all started after Kikky Badass posted a couple of her pictures on Instagram.

Captioning the post she wrote;

They be making fake pages to be all mad , I get paid to go out🥴you going out sad.😌

Kiki badass

However, a social media user only identified as Brian Dylan Java decided to throw shade at Kikky Badass. He wrote;

“But takutaura pafeya wakashata dai pasina magaro dai uripoto chibage zimbambaira remunhu plus mangoma ako ma*** zvawo”
Kikky Badass

Kikky Badass did not take this insult lightly, she fired back at Brian. Commenting on her post, she wrote;

Brian Dylan Java amai vako ndiko vakashata I mean have you ever looked in the mirror?

Ever since, Citizens Coalition for Change leader Nelson Chamisa declared the colour yellow as his party’s colour, #yellow has been trending on social media. People have been posting pictures of themselves clad in yellow-coloured clothing. Not to be left out Prophet Passion Java has also been spotted rocking yellow after he posted pictures of himself and his sons on social media.

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