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Zimbabwean Police have banned the eating of bananas in Zimbabwe with immediate effect :See why


The Zimbabwe Republic Police published a statement lately that says that eating of bananas in the CBD has been banned with immediate effect.This is such a weird law and its the first time im ever hearing of something like this .

When asked why bananas are being banned they responded saying that they litter the CBD and cause pedestrian accidents .Well if thats the case they should put more dustbins instead of banning the eating of bananas.

Zimbabwe is known for having crazy laws but so far this is the craziest. Instead of coming up with ways of improving their economy so that the Zimbabweans who are scattered all over the world cam come back to their country they are focusing on banning bananas.A whole Ministry of Police came up with that .Thats just embarrassing.

Other countries are building giant economies , creating jobs and doing billion dollar projects and the Government of Zimbabwe is spending its time banning the eating of bananas.Thats why Zimbabwe’s economy is like this .It has Fools as leaders.

Also i doubt the reason why they are banning bananas is because they cause litter.Ever since Chamisa Created his new party which uses yellow as their party colour , everything that is yellow is being banned in Zim .It seems the Government wants his party to fail so much to the extent that they even banned bananas.


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