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Young Albino’s Hand Found Missing From His Grave..


In what is believed to be money rituals, the left hand of a 12-year-old albino has been found missing from his grave, 10 days after the burial.

Muchinga Province Deputy Commanding Officer Lucky Buumba Munkondya has said this was discovered on Thursday by a member of the Community Crime Prevention Unit(CCPU) in Mungwalala Village Cemetery of Chama district.

Police have visited the scene and found an open grave, the reed mat in which the body was wrapped was tampered with and the limb missing, Chete FM news has learned.

“The body was facing upwards and was in an advanced state of decomposition. The graveyard is located approximately 500 meters from the village,” Mrs Munkondya has said.

The family has been advised to rebury and put a tombstone to prevent a similar situation as a police investigation into the case is underway.

Last year, one girl was hospitalised in Zambia after one of hands cut off.

There is a particular belief that the body parts of people with albinism are especially potent in the rituals, leading to killings.


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