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CCC Leader Chamisa To Lose His New Party To Mwonzora Due To Illegality – Mavaza


With just a week in existence, CCC is staring down an ugly reality: the unrepresentative leadership trying to ride on inflated popularity…

By Dr Masimba Mavaza | Social media went crazy with the formation of the new name given to MDC. The CCC has started off on a very wrong footing and it needs to be guided into political maturity.

Dr Masimba Mavaza

The problem of politicians is that they want a democratic government but want undemocratic political parties. All opposition political parties in Zimbabwe are standing on undemocratic systems.

This is seen in the dubious formation of the CCC which was formed with known rules or regulations guiding them. It was introduced to the people without any structures.

The new political party has also started by manipulating the judiciary system. Already Thabani Mpofu, the lawyer for the opposition leader Nelson Chamisa has started to target judges perceived to be pro government. According the new party they are going to remove one judge at a time and leave only judges who are compliant to the change euphoria. This can be seen with the unprecedented attacks on Justice Webster Chinhamhora who has been separated and targeted for attack in an unprecedented attack led by advocate Thabani Mpofu.

The attack on judges are done as a way to prepare the judiciary for the challenges the CCC plans to have against the elections.

The irony is that the CCC through their spokes person Dr Nkululeko Sibanda have already declared the elections flawed before they have even started. This is political grooming where the CCC is out to prepare the masses for a riot should they lose the elections.

Chamisa speaking in the renaming of his party claimed that the Citizens are on their side. This is s dangerous declaration. It is meant to arm the misled supporters for violence should they lose the elections. The declaration is tantamount to declare a win before the competition. Instead if tackling the issues they believe needs reformation in our electoral laws the CCC which is its foundation built on undemocratic grounds prepares the nation for a riot. This is the great incitement by an opposition party which needs to be controlled right now.
Zimbabwe has to be tough on peace keeping.

The opposition must stop interfering with the Judiciary, it can not be over emphasised that the judiciary should be free of pressure from the opposition or any one for that matter but it should not be from the ambit of law and the same applied to the Zimbabwe Election Commission.

About democracy, there are three pillars of democracy that include human rights, the rule of law and partnership. We must note that the present era is of information and democracy, and both go hand-in-hand. The misinformation being spread by CCC that by merely including the name Citizen in their name they then claim ownership of the citizens. This is mischievous and grossly inappropriate and needs to be dealt with.

Zimbabwe is one of the few countries in the world that came into being as a result of the democratic process. Despite the rule of majority in a democracy, protection of minority rights is also important. The current system in which was used by CCC to come into being cannot be interpreted as real democracy.

In his own words Dr Nkululeko
Sibanda was so flippant and did his best to expose the dangerous lack of understanding that the consitutionality issues of a political party speak to:
It’s very legitimacy as an entity to start with.

The party’s democratic future is measured by its nature of formation and its democratic past. A party which came into being undemocratically can not claim to have futuristic instincts to be democratic and follow the rule of law. How can they do so when they do not have the law to guide them in the first place. Dr Sibanda admitted that the legal brains in the CCC are driven by the power hungry demon and nit by love of the citizens. Thus putting the name Citizens does not mean that the citizens are on the side of the undemocratic party which is ruled by Chamisa from the head which normally runs on the empty.

CCC should remember that the legitimacy of its leader is enshrined in its constitution. In the case of the CCC there is constitution to talk about.
The distinction between a serious opposition and a criminal outfit is in the law and keeping if the same. CCC has started as a criminal outfit in yellow claiming ownership of the citizens.
It is amazing that Chamisa knows that he cannot register a company anywhere in the world, even to sell tomatoes without a constitution but he thinks he presumptuously thinks he can register a party to be a government-in- waiting without s constitution. He then tried to justify his strong head by saying the Citizens are in it. No the citizens are nit in it.

A political party must address the Issues of trust. Can we trust a bunch of people who do not have a constitution to run the intricate machinary of our government with a myriad of domestic and international legislative initiatives? How can a country be promised democracy on a foundation of tyranny.

A political party with citizens in it must deal with the issues of competency. Is this a competent leadership where no one knows who chose them. It is not enough to say citizens are in it when they have not been consulted.

We are now in a world which relies on the rule of law.

Does CCC understand the rule of law?
While CCC claims that it has a majority support but the rights of the majority are being violated there. From the day Chamisa grabbed power from the MDC on Tsvangirai,s death bed Chamisa has never understood the law. He has become a master lier and a confused person.
Is there an example in a democracy where the head of a party is appointed on a will?
Unfortunately, the system of self-accountability within constitutional institutions has also declined but if democracy is to be strengthened, then everyone has to abide by the law. The protection of basic human rights is also essential for strengthening of democracy. It must start at a party level and then flows through to the people.

The process of crystallization of political behaviour patterns has started with the widespread of democratic mechanisms in political and party systems. The transition period was followed by the consolidation of party systems.

It was the start of the stabilization of political processes, which are similar to those of the mature Western democracies, as well as internal mechanisms of political parties. The intra-party democracy develops here as it has developed within political parties in Western countries so CCC can nit escape the democratisation of itself as a political party. Opposition Political parties are also facing the decline of party membership for lack of democratic ways within the party.
Serious political parties have responded by proactively increasing the role of their members as well as activists in the recruitment of candidates, selection of leaders and in the policymaking process.

This clearly defines the party well-established political parties with relatively stable support tend to be more centralized, while the role of their leaders is gaining more, and more importance in candidate selection process. Moreover, these parties, when compared with the new political groupings, in which personalization is equally high, however, the intra-party democracy is much more developed have introduced limited mechanisms of the intra-party democracy.

With just a week in existence CCC is staring down an ugly reality: the unrepresentative leadership trying to ride on inflated popularity.

Chamisa and his team have it tough now, trying to keep a precarious majority in tune on a leadership imposed
Democracy demands that all candidates with a likelihood to approve, amend or reject legislation should either (and preferably) be directly elected by voters not appointed by none elected leaders.
In Zimbabwe it is clear that the ability of opposition parties to translate popular views into votes has declined. This is a result of two major developments that the opposition has no reason to oppose but just to oppose. They are motivated by foreign powers who are in it for money. Legislatures have become less reflective of popular opinion because of the growing role of money in politics. At the same time, they have also become less powerful because they have no principles and have no motivation.Moderate parties and politicians could be dominant. Independent institutions could be strong. A broad political consensus should create a sense that the future should be in our hands not in the hands of others. This seeming stability should shape the theories of most political scientists.

They believed that in countries that were affluent and in which the government had consistently remain in office through free and fair elections, democracy had “consolidated.” If we as Zimbabweans remain focused it will be safe to assume that our political systems would remain stable for the foreseeable future. We only have one country which we can call ours.
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It is a disease we must not get close to. As you bite put your X on the Zimbabwe Walls. ZANUPF.

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