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DStv closes Big Brother Mzansi channel 198 to Access and Family package viewers


DStv has closed Big Brother Mzansi channel 198 to Access and Family package viewers. The channel launched on 23 January 2022 as a 24 hr broadcaster for Big Brother Mzansi. DSTV opened Big Brother Mzansi to all its subscribers from inception, but yesterday viewers who subscribe to lower packages woke up to devastating news of the channel being blocked permanently.

Viewers were devastated, and they have started a hashtag that has gone to trend on social media.

The #bringbackchannel198 has been garnering more power on social media.

Viewers feel that DStv is discriminatory, making them think about the boundaries between those who can afford it and those who cannot. The channel is still open to Premium, Compact Plus and Compact subscribers.

BBM has developed quite a following, people watching their favourites perform tasks and strategies to win challenges. Fans also enjoy those dairies where housemates talk privately about their experiences in the house have become a daily habit for many.

DStv is always known to attract people to higher packages by opening more packages to lower subscribers for a few days to give them a taste 8f what they are missing.

This is a part of their strategy to grow, especially the premium market, because it is the highest subscriptions.

Twitter has been set alight with negative comments about this move from dstv, and they have made their views known. One user spoke about how unfair it is that she has to keep asking her friend every 10 minutes for an update on what is happening in the house.

Many cuts off viewers have blamed DStv for clearly discriminating against them for not affording a higher premium.

Viewers are also threatening to cancel all subscriptions from dstv if the channel is not turned back on. According to some users, Big Brother Naija was aired to all subscribers of Dstv, and they claim this is only done on Big Brother Mzansi.

Big Brother Mzansi housemates run out of cigarettes. Who are the chain smokers?
Acacia is smoking while other housemates are chit-chatting. Credit: Mzansi Magic

This is a bitter pill to swallow for the subscribers as they feel that their demand and constant requests for the program to return is why it eventually did after a long time off the air. Some subscribers did note that Dstv made it clear from the onset that the channel will only be broadcast for a few days to lower subscribers.

Dstv has yet to respond to this outrage by subscribers.


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