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Norton Legislator Temba Mliswa Speaks On ‘Fight’ With Philip Chiyangwa


Recently, businessman Philip Chiyangwa and Norton Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa were trending after a voice note between the two men allegedly leaked.

Social Media had been awash with videos of Chiyangwa showing off his boxing skills and followers have been curiously waiting to see what happens as events unfold.

However, taking to his Twitter page, Mliswa who claims he was at his farm only to return to the news of the leaked voice note, confirmed that the alleged audio was between him and Chiyangwa. He accused Chiyangwa of leaking it with an intention to tarnish his image.

Mliswa then clarified his position on HIV positive people and further said he did not attack Chiyangwa for being HIV positive but he was telling him to stop his habit.

Mliswa wrote:

I have been busy at the farm& returned to the news of a leaked voice note. It should be understood that the audio was between myself& Chiyangwa. It was never meant for the public& its being leaked is clearly aimed at tarnishing me after the interview I had with

My mother was a nurse for many years& conscientised us about the virus. Today I actually have a foundation that assists positive people& I have relatives who have died of it. I understand that there is nothing to shame people about it.

It’s unfortunate that Chiyangwa was immature as to leak the audio as a gamble seeking to have me attacked.

Thus, it is misplaced undestanding that I attacked him over his status but it is factual that I attacked him over his habits which I reiterate that he should stop .

Mliswa’s post attracted mixed reaction as some followers claim his words were too harsh on Chiyangwa and the former must apologise


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