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Mliswa Seeks Court Order To Compel Ex To Produce Missing Twin “Dead Or Alive”


Outspoken Norton Legislator Temba Mliswa has indicated that he will soon be seeking a court order to compel his ex-lover Susan Mutami to produce the couple’s ‘missing’ twin child, dead or alive. Mliswa said that he intends to apply for an order of habeas corpus to force Australia-based Mutami to produce the second child or explain what happened to him.

Mliswa and Mutami were involved in a whirlwind 3-month relationship last year, which resulted in Mutami becoming pregnant. When the relationship ended on a sour note, Mutami made a series of sensational allegations against Mliswa, mainly relating to his alleged unconventional bedroom predilections and failures as a father.

She also claimed that she was carrying Mliswa’s twins. When she returned to Australia, she continued posting, alleging that the legislator fathered the twins. Mutami also publicly threatened to sue Mliswa for the upkeep of the twins when they were born.

Of late, however, she is posting only one child, which has raised eyebrows, as people are now wondering what happened to the other twin. Temba Mliswa has since demanded paternity tests for the twins and questioned why Mutami only shares pictures and information about one of the twins. He also suggested that the other twin may have a different father.

Mliswa Seeks Court Order To Compel Ex To Produce Missing Twin Dead Or Alive
Mliswa Seeks Court Order To Compel Ex To Produce Missing Twin Dead Or Alive

Mliswa, who is a father of 19 children with different women, challenged Mutami to go for paternity DNA tests to establish if he is indeed the father of both or one of the twins.

This did not go down well with Mutami, who responded by making sensational allegations against the MP. Mutami claimed that Mliswa started sleeping with her during her periods after he had promised to marry her. She also insisted that the child was his but did not address the question of the second twin.
Frustrated with this response, Mliswa indicated that he would soon be approaching the courts for an order to compel his ex-lover to produce the missing child dead or alive.

Posting on social media, Mliswa said,

I asked a simple question “Ko imwe Shumba iripi” then @susan_mutami replied with toxic rants without even attempting to answer the question. The only option left is to apply for a habeas corpus order at the Court. She will have to show the other Shumba dead or alive.

The prolific father also said that he is willing to support his children the same way he has done for the other 19.

As a responsible parent, I need to know all my children so that I can take care of them. I have already shown that with all the others, why would I refuse for these.

Mutami is yet to respond to the allegations.

Translated from Latin, Habeas Corpus means “show me the body. According to Zimlii, Under the Constitution of Zimbabwe,

if there are reasonable grounds to believe that a person is being detained illegally or if it is not possible to ascertain the whereabouts of a detained person, any person may approach the High Court for an order—

of habeas corpus, that is to say an order requiring the detained person to be released, or to be brought before the Court for the lawfulness of the detention to be justified, or requiring the whereabouts of the detained person to be disclosed;


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