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Row over dead child In Dzivarasekwa


A DEADLOCK has emerged between in-laws in Dzivaresekwa to determine where a one-year-old boy, who died after he was scalded by water meant to prepare tea, will be buried.

Immanuel Munesu Moses died on Sunday while his three-year-old sibling was injured when they were under the custody of their grandmother, Esnath Magombo.

The elder child was reported to have sustained injuries while trying to rescue Immanuel.

The children had been staying with their mother, Natasha Masiyiwa, after she separated from Takesure Moses.

Takesure’s mother, Esnath Magombo, is alleged to have taken the two children by force.

There was a fight and one person was injured as the two families fought for control of the burial process.

Mourners have gathered in two camps.

Natasha told H-Metro that her in-laws wanted to bury the baby secretly at a farm in Shamva.

“The differences started last year in December when I was granted custody of the two children following my separation from Takesure,” said Natasha.

“My mother-in-law was not happy about it and continuously demanded to live with the two children, threatening me with unspecified action, if the children were to die in my hands.

“According to custom, we gave in and allowed them to have the children for a while but they ended up denying me access to nurse the minor child.

“Hanzi mwana takatomurumura saka zvekumuyamwisa hapachina tave kutogara nevana.

“Within days we heard that the children had been scalded when she was preparing tea for them and the injuries led to Immanuel’s death and the other one is nursing injuries.

“What irked us was their decision to collect the body secretly with the intention of burying it in Shamva.

“Takesure had not paid lobola or given anything to my family. I want my child to be buried in Harare not in Shamva that is all.”

Takesure called church members for prayers and he ended up accusing one of his relatives of bewitching Immanuel.

Magombo could not be reached for comment with reports that her statement was being recorded at a police station.

Immanuel’s body is at a local funeral parlour.


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