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Nude photos land married cheating woman in SOUP


A MARRIED Gweru woman feels betrayed and abused by her lover and her sister-in-law for posting her nude photographs on social media.

In Zimbabwe, it is illegal to produce, possess or distribute pornographic material.

Jassina Manyumbu, 36, who is married to Gondobwe Gondobwe, 44, confirmed her adulterous affair with someone only identified as Freedom, who is believed to be a cross border truck driver.

Manyumbu told H-Metro she had a misunderstanding with Freedom, when she visited him in South Africa over a miscarriage she suffered.

Freedom accused her of aborting the pregnancy and he posted their nude photographs to her in-laws. She feels abused and betrayed by Freedom and her sister-in-law, Tamary Gondobwe, for forwarding the nude photographs to her family members.

“We had an issue with my husband since he was cheating on me and that led me to retaliate by dating Freedom,” said Manyumbu.

“Freedom was responsible for the pregnancy and I later suffered a miscarriage.

“He became furious with me and accused me of aborting the pregnancy and that forced him to post our nude photographs to my in-laws.

“Tete Tamary vakazotumirawo maphotos iwayo kumurume wangu nekuhanzvadzi yangu saka handizive kuti mutemo unobvumidzawo here kutumira maphotos akadaro pasocial media?

“I feel betrayed and abused by both Freedom and Aunt Tamary,” said Manyumbu.

She told H-Metro she decided to visit her parents in Chivi, Masvingo after returning from South Africa, after the nude photographs reached her husband.

“I have found peace with my husband but Aunt Tamary continues posting my nude photographs to wreck my marriage.

“Our faith calls us to confess our sins to each other and I did that with my husband over the phone and he accepted my apology.

“I will be returning to my house this week in Gweru since my husband accepted me back following that issue,” she said.

Tamary told H-Metro Manyumbu lied to her husband that she received an invite from one of her relatives based in South Africa, when she was visiting Freedom.

“She has been cheating for some time and her husband was yet to find evidence but this time zvakamutsana nechikomba chake chikatumira mifananidzo yavo tisina kuzvitsvaga.

“She must blame her lover for posting the nude photographs to us and blame herself for committing adultery.

“She left the country in November last year, claiming she had been called by her married daughter, unaware that she was intending to engage in sinful acts,” said Tamary.

Gondobwe threatened to lodge a police report against Tamary and Freedom over posting his wife’s nude photographs on social media.

“What happened is that my wife went to SA and committed adultery with a certain man,” said Gondobwe.

“That man sent the pictures of him, with my wife, to my sister.

“My sister sent them to me and l told her that l will solve the issue peacefully.

“I wanted to cancel marriage then go to surrender her to her parents but my sister is busy circulating these pictures.

“I don’t want to sue her but l want you to give her a strong warning over posting these nude photographs,” said Gondobwe


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