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I Only Slept With Her To Get Information: Temba Mliswa In Stunning Confession About Baby Mama Susan Mutami


Firebrand Norton legislator Temba Mliswa has sensationally claimed that he only slept with his baby mama, Susan Vivian Mutami, because he wanted to get information from her.

Mliswa is currently embroiled in a nasty child paternity dispute with Mutami, who is based in Australia, over the couple’s twins. The MP publicly claimed that he only showed interest in Mutami because he wanted information from her. He argued that people tend to give you information if you are nice to them.

Mutami, on the other hand, has been making a series of sensational allegations on social media as well. She has claimed that she was the long time adulterous lover, small house in local parlance, to the late Foreign Affairs Minister retired Lieutenant-General Sibusiso Busi (SB) Moyo.

Speaking on social media following Mutami’s latest revelation, Mliswa dismissed his baby mama’s utterances as hogwash.

It’s unfortunate there are still people willing to listen and entertain @susan_mutami. I said from the beginning that she was a project. The difference is that today she is a failed project after the removal of Mudha who was her handler.

My interest in her was information and I got it. When you are good to people they will give you information. She was used by Mudha and he even used the CIO to allow her to go out of the country despite having given outrageous accusations that required investigations.

There are many such puppets who are controlled elsewhere and are only fronts. The other one is Elias Mambo also a project of Mudha. Now they are finished because Mudha is gone.

I have even written to the CIO DG about these issues. In a normal country, how can someone who accuses me of seeking to kill the President’s son be allowed to go out? No investigation, no nothing.

That shows she was a project. It’s a waste of time talking about her or following her stories because she is a nobody. Most of her stories are just hogwash and are mere fodder for those with nothing to do and seeking release from whatever boredom they have.

If she can lie about having my twins when she doesn’t, what else can she not lie about? Food for thought. I have more information than she thinks and knows.

Her fight with the First Lady is because she was able to pick up what kind of a person Susan is and refused to have her around the First Family. She is a nobody.

All she talks about is hogwash and is entertaining especially if one doesn’t have things to do.


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