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Chiredzi MP, Businessman Clash Over Supporting Burial Of A S.e.x-worker


Chiredzi West ZANU PF MP Farai Musikavanhu has said he sponsored the funeral of a prominent sex worker in the area, Paida Manika as he looked at her as his daughter. This comes after rumours that he clashed with businessman, Charles Njopera when each bought a coffin for the deceased.

The well known lanky sex worker in the sugar mining town was murdered in cold blood by her boyfriend Obvious ‘Yaya’ Toruvanda (22) two weeks ago after she allegedly decided to end their relationship.

According to The Mirror, Musikavanhu said he once paid the medical bills for Paida sometime in 2021 after she fell ill.

“I treated Paida as my daughter that’s why I sponsored her burial. At one time I helped her when she fell sick in 2021. As for the issue of coffins, I can’t comment.”

Njopera is quoted as having said:

“When I heard of Paida’s death, I went there and notified her uncles that I would provide a coffin and they agreed. I then went and paid US$300 to the parlour and I was shocked at the burial that MP Musikavanhu had also purchased a coffin.

“I was left with no choice but to return the coffin at 20% less.”

Sometime in 2018, it is alleged that Musikavanhu watched his rally end prematurely after he blatantly told vendors that they look very unhygienic and they should learn to bath.

Paida also grabbed headlines and left the community in shock after she was allegedly caught in the act with her mother’s boyfriend before the mother collapsed and died


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