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Mai Titi clears the air on Greatmen’s pledge.


She told H-Metro it hurts her when people criticise her for no apparent reason. “There are people who always wish to see my downfall. “I am a human being, I have feelings and I get hurt like all of you.

Comedian, Mai TT, says she doesn’t owe people an explanation about fulfilling the US$1 000 pledge she made at Greatman’s wedding.

“People always find a way to tarnish my image, especially when I focus on developing my life more than what is happening on social media, it seems like vanoda kunditsondora,” she said.

Mai TT revealed she remains in good books with Greatman and his wife, Silibaziso. “Social media trolls are pretending to show sympathy to Greatman but it’s a way of gaining mileage while defaming me.

“They don’t have any idea that I am in good books with the Gwaze family. “Silibaziso Gwaze really appreciated what I did for her wedding. “I pledged the money and everything I felt was needed, from the bottom of my heart. “I told Greatman and his wife that they are free to come to my house anytime to collect their US$1 000 gift.

“If they decide not to come, is it still my fault?” Mai TT vowed she will continue helping Greatman and his wife, irrespective of what other people say.

“I will always be there for Greatman and Silibaziso whenever they need my help. “I am planning to assist Silibaziso so that she ventures into business.

“I don’t feel moved when people criticise me because I know God has got my back. “People use my name to gain fame, being bashed on social media is not new to me, I am my own hero,” she said.

Source – H-Metro


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