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Floppy after Floppy:Mwonzora ‘Flops’ Again In Bulawayo


About 300 people attended MDC-T president Douglas Mwonzora’s rally at Phelendaba Hall in Bulawayo on Saturday as the opposition party continues to attract few people to its events.

The rally was Mwonzora’s first rally in Bulawayo since he controversially took over the reins following a chaotic extraordinary congress in December 2020.

Addressing his supporters, Mwonzora reiterated his desire to dialogue with ZANU PF and President Emmerson Mnangagwa, saying dialogue is the only way out of Zimbabwe’s socio-economic challenges. He said:

Very soon we will be starting the issue of dialogue. We are going for dialogue, not to become ministers, but to fix the country’s problems. Our discussion points are that in Zimbabwe there should be everlasting peace.

The blood that was shed of our people is enough and we say enough is enough. We don’t want again here in Zimbabwe, to have one beating another or kill another over politics. This is exactly what is on our agenda for dialogue.

Mwonzora said after winning the MDC-T presidency, he tried to unite the party and the departure of former vice president Thokozani Khupe to lead another faction is regrettable. Said Mwonzora:

When I won the elections, I tried to unite the party by embracing all my contestants. I said Dr Khupe you should remain as vice president.

I appointed Ellias Mudzuri as the second vice president and said to baba Morgan Komichi you should continue with your chairmanship.

I was surprised on January 21 when a press conference was held saying they have split the party because the president has said he has joined the alliance.

We then sat as national council and we said as MDC, our constitution does not have a split.

And also there is no one who can become a president without going through congress, so if someone calls herself a president, they have left the party.

It’s never something that we wanted, we wanted a united party, but as the president what could I have done. So, I am sorry that this had to happen.

But what consoled me is that Bulawayo province wrote a letter saying they were not in agreement with what had happened, they said they didn’t want a split, as did all other provinces.


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