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Mai Titi: I’m a victim of cyberbullying


Mai Titi: I’m a victim of cyberbullying. Speaking during a recent interview with The Sunday Mail Society at her home in Mabelreign, Harare, the controversial socialite stated that a lot of what has been said about her on social media platforms is wrong.

Zimbabwean comedian, Mai Titi, real name Felistas Murata Edwards, says she is a victim of cyberbullying. She said:

My real life is far from what people see or say on social media. What they think about my marriage, family, business, etcetera, is all wrong. There is a lot of cyber-bullying on social media and I have been a victim on several occasions.

It is unfortunate that many social media users are unable to distinguish between fake and genuine news. A huge chunk of information that is spread is unfounded gossip.

Mai Titi said she is angry with people who say negative things about her family as she values family ties more than everything else. She said:

I am a comedian by nature, but I always make time for a serious talk with my children. We discuss our problems or issues as a family and always come up with a consensus.

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I am married and we do most of the things as a family. Besides, I play the role of tete (auntie) with astuteness when at the Murata family. They all call me tete and I am well known for being peace-loving and promoting unity within the family.

Mai Titi has been involved in public spats with fellow socialites, celebrities, social media followers, in the process revealing her private life. She, however, described herself as someone who is humorous, humble and philanthropic, not a woman of loose morals as she has been portrayed by some people on social media.

Source – The Sunday Mail


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