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‘Stop Comparing Me To Jesus!’ Teenager Nailed To A Tree Over Stolen Radio Speaks Out


Collins Sambaya, the man who was nailed to a tree for allegedly stealing a radio, recovering at a local hospital.

According to Sambaya, the incident was very traumatizing and People should stop joking about his experience.
“In fact, I believe Jesus saved me from the jaws of death,” he added, nothing that the incident has transformed him and he now wants to go back to school.

Collins Sambaya, the 19-year-old teenager who was nailed to a tree last week for allegedly stealing a radio now wants social media users to stop making fun of his pain.

“I want to become a useful person in the society in future, after all, I went through.”

The teenager, however, maintains that he never stole the radio his friends accused him of stealing in the Friday, February 18 incident.

“Why would I steal a radio when my grandfather owns one and my uncle has at least three of them?” he posed.

Sambana’s grandfather said his grandson was nailed to the tree by one Eric and his younger brother who live in the area.

“The incident occurred at around 2 pm but I only got wind of the situation at around 5pm. The suspects came to our home and tricked my grandson into following them into their household where they committed the act,

“My grandson is innocent. A few days ago, the suspects took my grandson to a nearby police station where they reported him for allegedly stealing the said radio. Officers however freed him after establishing that there was no evidence to support the pair’s allegations.”

Sambaya was rushed to a nearby hospital after residents freed him from his predicament and is currently recuperating.

The two suspects are, meanwhile, still at large.


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