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“Dear Bianca…,” Ricky Rick’s Poetic Suicide Note To Wife Leaks


Ricky Rick’s death has been a one painful to everyone in Mzansi, and especially to his family.

His death has been pinned on severe depression and anxiety he had for the most parts of his short life.

Ricky died at only 34 years of age and was survived by his beautiful wife Bianca Naidoo.

A few days ago, iHarare reported that Bianca was struggling to come to terms with her husband’s death and was ‘crying uncontrollably’ – a family member had added.

It was not known why Ricky took his life until today. It then reached to iHarare’s desks that the rapper revealed all the details of his death to his wife Bianca and son, Malik.

A suicide letter was reportedly found next to him by the time his friends found him hanging from his house..

Stating his reasons to take his life from his wife and kids, Ricky further explained:


“Dear Bianca

This pain is too much. I don’t want you to blame yourself for my life being unbearable. You gave me more love than I deserved. Live your life. Do not hide the light you have me every day…,” read parts of the long poetic letter from the late

“I’m sorry for being the one who gives up but the pain I feel is too much to deal with. The voices in my head have never gone away. I wish I was stronger but I’m not. Please forgive me. I love you so much. Be Happy Smile, Every thing is okay now.”

Ricky didn’t end there but also addressed his letter to his two children, starting his son Malik.


“The other night Maik said he wants to be just like me. Not better in the sense of useless achievement, but better as in choosing the right path his heart. Follow your passions my son. Your world is bigger than anything you could ever imagine. love you !!,” he concluded his letter.

Social media has reacted with mixed emotions to the leaked letter. While others commend him for having guts to leave a goodbye letter to his wife and children, others still cannot forgive him for giving up on his family.


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